“Done For You” Email Autoresponder Series


Pre-Written Email Auto Responder Series for Guitar Teachers

The hardest part about using an email list to attract new guitar students is writing the “autoresponder” messages…

I spent over 2 weeks writing a series of followup messages for my teaching business called “How To Learn Guitar the SMART Way”…brainstorming ideas, writing articles, editing them, adding calls to action…making sure they were just right…and I used them in my teaching business to attract new students.

Now you can get the benefits from my hard work…

You can buy this pre-written autoresponder series and use it in your own teaching business!

  • Save hours and hours of time writing and testing your own email series
  • Get access to a proven series of marketing emails that will work…no guessing and wondering

This package includes:

  • 14 pre-written email followup messages designed to convert subscribers into students

  • Full rights for you to customize them with your own name & contact info and use them in your teaching business

  • You can even re-write them to better suit your own business, if you want to…change anything you like

It will literally save you WEEKS of work and stress…and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you got it right…

Just load them into your email list service, schedule the frequency and you’re done!

I would normally charge someone several hundred dollars to write a series like this for them to use in their business…the true value of this series is probably $500 or more!

You can buy it NOW and get it delivered INSTANTLY for only $47

It will PAY FOR ITSELF if you use it to get just ONE NEW STUDENT…


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