How Start Teaching Guitar Can Help

The Tools to Succeed

So, what does it take to start, grow and run a successful business teaching guitar lessons? A lot, for sure. But it depends on how serious you are as a business owner. There are all types of dedication that make up this great community of guitar teachers, from the hobbyists to the serious breadwinners.

That’s why Start Teaching Guitar has customized different tools and membership packages to easily fit the needs and desires of all guitar teachers. No matter the commitment level, these tools are designed to help each teacher propel to the next level.

The tools are aplenty, including eBooks, training courses, “done for you” services, podcasts episodes, calculators, video tutorials, recommended reading lists and more. Access varies with the amount of benefits and cost per month, but each level is jam-packed with useful features and information.

STG founder, Donnie Schexnayder, has found a way to successfully combine his love of teaching guitar with business coaching in the STG All-Access membership program. Each STG All-Access membership level offers weekly training, vision and structure, customized for varied needs and budgets.

Content includes how-to’s on:

  • getting the most out of your business

  • getting better results for your students

  • more effective ways of marketing yourself

  • surviving and thriving as a small business owner

  • avoiding getting burned out and discouraged

  • staying sane and emotionally healthy while building your business

Members have access to private discussion forums, monthly Q&A calls, a regularly updated feed of news and resources, recommended software, lesson plan handouts, and more.

Upper levels of membership add in features such as live training webinars, access to special discounts on tools and services, enhanced advertising and marketing techniques, improved business functionality, mastermind meetings, and more.

Additionally available is Start Teaching Guitar’s Group Guitar Launch Formula training course – a resource to help guitar teachers work fewer hours and make more money by teaching students in groups and marketing those groups more effectively.

The operating philosophy behind Start Teaching Guitar has always been “people first.” Many online businesses can seem rather impersonal, since you might only get to deal with a website and not an actual business owner.

That’s why, from the very beginning, Schexnayder made the conscious decision to respond quickly to every single bit of communication that comes his way. “That personal connection may require more of my time, but it’s definitely worth it. It makes it that much more gratifying for me…and my customers.” It’s this philosophy that is helping him help others make success a reality.

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