The One Thing That Determines Your Level Of Success


Start Teaching GuitarI want to tell you about the most important part of your body that you use when you teach guitar…can you guess what it is? (hint: it’s probably not what you think!)

If you thought the answer was “fingers” or “hands” or even “mouth”, you’re wrong…the most important part of your body for teaching guitar is your BRAIN. The way you THINK has a bigger impact on your teaching (and playing) than anything else.

You can have one of two “outlooks”, or “filters” you use to view your life and the world around you: a positive outlook or a negative outlook. You get to choose which set of filters you want to look through…no one else can make that decision for you. And the filter you choose determines whether you have success in your life or failure. Let me illustrate this for you:

You could choose to be a guitar teacher who views life with a negative outlook. You can be pessimistic and critical of everyone and everything. As a result, you won’t really believe in yourself or your potential to succeed. When things get tough…when the frustration or fear set in, like they always do…you’ll probably fold under the pressure and either get stagnant or give up. Also, you’ll develop a reputation of NEGATIVITY…people will be more HESITANT to study with you, support you or even be around you.

You could also choose to be a guitar teacher who looks at life with a positive outlook. You can believe for and expect good things to happen. As a result, when times get tough, you’ll instinctively know that better things are always just around the corner. You’ll understand that the frustration and fear you feel now are just doorways into greater results in your guitar teaching business than you’ve ever seen before…so you’ll stay focused and keep moving forward. Also, you’ll develop a reputation for being POSITIVE… people will be more LIKELY to want to study with you, support you and be friends with you.

This isn’t magic or blind faith…it simply comes down to a choice. Positive THOUGHTS lead to positive FEELINGS…and positive BELIEFS…and positive ACTIONS…and eventually positive RESULTS. The same is true for negative thoughts. If you choose to see the world…and your guitar teaching business…from a positive perspective, you’ll do much better than someone who chooses to see the world through a negative filter all the time. So decide: which one will it be for you?

What do you think about the power of positive thinking, as it relates to your guitar teaching? Leave a comment below and tell me about it.

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