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Get these books and use them! They will inspire you with tons of new information, concepts and techniques you can use in the lesson plans you create for your guitar students:

 fretboard-theoryFretboard Theory” by Desi Serna

Fretboard Theory by Desi Serna teaches music theory for guitar including scales, chords, progressions, modes and more. Hands-on approach to theory gives you total command of the fretboard and music’s most critical elements by visualizing shapes, patterns and how they connect. Content includes:

*How to learn and practice Pentatonic and Major scale patterns * Guitar CAGED system including chord inversions and arpeggio patterns * Guitar chord progressions and playing by numbers (Nashville Number System) * Roots, keys and applying scales * Understanding music modes and modal scales such as Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian * Playing and using intervals including thirds, fifths and sixths * Adding extensions such as “add 9”, “suspended 4” and “major 7”

Not only does Fretboard Theory teach music theory in a refreshing new manner, but it takes things a step farther by associating everything to your favorite songs. This is the ONLY GUITAR THEORY RESOURCE that includes important details to hundreds of popular songs. Pop, rock, acoustic, blues, metal and more! This new generation of guitar instruction is perfect whether you want to jam, compose or just understand the music you play better. For acoustic and electric guitar players.

The Advancing GuitaristThe Advancing Guitarist” by Mick Goodrick

Veteran musician and educator Mick Goodrick presents practical information for guitarists who want to improve their playing technique and style and simply become better musicians.

Rather than a step-by-step method book, the information is presented in a general essay format, discussing ways that the various techniques covered may be applied by the advancing guitarist to enhance his/her own style of playing, some of the areas discussed include:

Basic fingerboard mechanics * Modes, scales and chords * Contemporary harmony * Harmonic and overtone influences * Being self-critical * Improvising short pieces * Different playing situations

Chord ChemistryChord Chemistry” by Ted Greene

Ted Greene’s Chord Chemistry was originally published in 1971 and has become the classic chord reference book for two generations of guitarists.

Whether you are just beginning to search beyond basic barre chords or are already an advanced player looking for new sounds and ideas this is the book that will get you there. Designed to inspire creativity this book is a musical treasure chest filled with exciting new ideas and sounds.

Rock Guitar SecretsRock Guitar Secrets” by Peter Fischer

The ultimate guitarist’s reference book with playing techniques, solo and improvisation concepts, exercises and jam tracks.

The purpose of this book is to demystify the relatively simple concepts or tricks around which much of rock guitar is built. The book is designed modularly, allowing the reader to choose any topic at any time, but is can also be sequentially as a method.

Topics includes warm-ups, pentatonic scales, bending and vibrato techniques, blues scales, string skipping, major scales, alternate picking, modes, economy picking (sweeping), arpeggios, two-hand tapping, minor scales, legato techniques, exotic scales, whammy bar, how to build a solo, practice planning, and improvisation. Each concept is discussed in a thorough and easily understandable manner.

The accompanying CD includes over 80 licks and exercises plus more than 20 jam tracks, helping the student put the concepts directly into practice. In notation and tablature.

The Guitar HandbookThe Guitar Handbook” by Ralph Deyner

The most comprehensive resource available for beginning and experienced guitarists alike, whether acoustic or electric.

Completely redesigned and with many more full-color photos than the original, this new edition surveys recent models and profiles current masters, includes an expanded lesson section, and encompasses 10 years of technological change in recording and amplification.

The Inner Game of MusicThe Inner Game of Music” by Barry Green & W. Timothy Gallwey

By the best-selling co-author of The Inner Game of Tennis, here’s a book designed to help musicians and teachers overcome obstacles, help improve  concentration, and reduce nervousness, allowing them to  reach new levels of performing excellence and  musical artistry. The principles in this book can forever change the way you approach teaching guitar lessons!

The New Complete GuitaristThe New Complete Guitarist” by Richard Chapman

Whether learning the simplest cords and choosing the first songs you want to play to learning more complex styles and advanced improvisation, The New Complete Guitarist is the easiest-to-follow reference for people just picking up a guitar.

Including the most up to date fingering, chords, notes, scales, modes, and sequences, this is the only all-visual approach to learning all styles of guitar.

Zen GuitarZen Guitar” by Philip Toshio Sudo

Each of us carries a song inside us, the song that makes us human. ZEN GUITAR provides the key to unlocking this song – a series of life lessons presented through the metaphor of music.

Philip Sudo offers his own experiences with music to enable us to rediscover the harmony in each of our lives and open ourselves to Zen awareness uniquely suited to the Western Mind. Through fifty-eight lessons that provide focus and a guide, the reader is led through to Zen awareness. This harmony is further illuminated through quotes from sources ranging from Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix to Miles Davis.

From those who have never strummed a guitar to the more experienced, ZEN GUITAR shows how the path of music offers fulfillment in all aspects of life – a winning idea and an instant classic.

Sheets Of SoundSheets of Sound for Guitar – Vol. 1” by Jack Zucker

Develop Extreme Chops for guitar. Applicable for all types of music from Shred to Classical to Jazz to Bluegrass to Chickin’ Pickin’. This method is endorsed and utilized by some of the best guitarists in the world. There is NO better method for developing chops and efficiency on the instrument.

Tab and standard notation * Amazing Chops (works for Fusion, Metal, Jazz, etc) * Amazing blues scale applications * Sweep Picking to die for * Pick & Finger rolls * Incredible Arpeggios * Pentatonic Madness * 4th and 5th chords and arpeggios * Odd Meter Phrasing * The most comprehensive Chord Sub methodology * Diminished lines like you’ve never seen before

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