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guitar teachingRecommended resources for every guitar teaching business!

Your guitar teaching business can grow a lot faster and easier if you use the right tools. The good news is that you don’t have to spend days searching the web to find the best tools and resources through trial and error…the links below will save you tons of time and money!

Also, just so you know, I don’t recommend something unless I use it myself! I’ve run these tools, books and resources through the paces and I can vouch for them: they work! These products and services will help you build your guitar teaching business faster and make managing it easier for you.

Just so you know, some of these are affiliate links, and by clicking on them to buy these products and services, you are helping to support this website and helping to keep the high-quality content coming. If you decide to buy something listed here, please let me know so I can thank you personally!

FREE eBook – Teaching Guitar The SMART Way

How to get started with your guitar teaching business.

FREE STG Facebook Group (Public Guitar Teacher Forum)

I also put together a free Facebook community for guitar teachers called the STG “Public Guitar Teacher Forum”. It’s a great place to ask questions, build relationships with other guitar teachers and learn more about how to be more successful as a teacher. Just click here to join the group and we’ll get you added within a few hours. NOTE – you’ll need to have a Facebook account to join (creating one is easy). Once you join, post your biggest, most urgent question about teaching guitar there…some of the group members will do their best to answer it for you.

Recommended Tools

A list of the most highly-recommended tools, products and services available to help you grow your guitar teaching business.

Recommended Business Books

Some of the best business books available to change the way you think about operating your guitar teaching business.

Recommended Teaching Books

Excellent books to help you with knowing what to teach your guitar students.There are no boring method books here! Just the most-recommended teaching books available to help you put together your own curriculum.

Free Videos

Including how to build a website for your guitar teaching business in 30 minutes or less!

Free Calculators

Use these free calculators to figure out how much money you can earn teaching guitar and how well you’re doing with student retention.

Guitar Teacher Directory

STG-approved guitar teachers located around the world.

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