Sure You Can Play, But Can You Teach?


Start Teaching GuitarThere are lots of people out there who call themselves “guitar teachers”, but all teachers are NOT created equal. Just because you might be a great PLAYER, that doesn’t automatically make you a great TEACHER!

There are 2 kinds of guitar teachers: GOOD ones and BAD ones…

If you’re a good guitar teacher you will LISTEN to your students, tailor the lessons to THEIR needs, and do whatever it takes to help them get RESULTS.

If you’re a bad teacher you will probably RUSH your students in and out of the lessons, be all about taking their MONEY and will OVERWHELM them with a bunch of information that they probably don’t want to learn in the first place.

So basically, a good teacher is all about what the student needs…a bad one is all about him or her self. It all comes down to your attitude.

Since you hang out at, I think I can safely assume that you want to be a good teacher. Not only will that help your students out, but it will put more money in your pockets, too.

What do you think makes a guitar teacher good or bad? Post a comment and let’s talk about it!

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