[Calculator] If I Invest In An STG Training Course, How Fast Will I Get My Money Back?


STG Training ROI Calculator

Business 101: not all expenses are “costs”…if you get a return on your expense, it’s actually an “investment”. An INVESTMENT will PAY FOR ITSELF and then pay you more TIME and MONEY back as time goes by. This is a simple web calculator that will tell you what your ROI (Return On Investment) would be if you purchase training courses and products from Start Teaching Guitar.

If you could invest $400 into a good training course (like Group Guitar Launch Formula), implement what you learn and use it to get 5 new students as a result, each of whom stayed with you for only 1 month and paid you $25 per lesson, the course would PAY FOR ITSELF, it would put an extra $141.67 in your pocket and your ROI would be 135.42%! Imagine what would happen if those students stayed with you for 6 months…for 1 year…or even longer. Do you think it would be worth it to buy that $400 course RIGHT NOW? (YES!)

Enter the dollar amount you’re thinking about investing in the training course or product and your current hourly lesson rate below and click the “Calculate” button. The tool will tell you how many new students you would need to add for the training to pay for itself, along with your profit and ROI for that training investment. The results might just surprise you!

How Much Will the Training or Product Cost?
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What’s Your Current Hourly Lesson Rate?
(If you aren’t sure, just accept the default value of $25 for now)

Click this button to calculate your ROI:

Number of New Students You’d Need To
Attract To Make The Training Pay For Itself:

1 Month Profit 1 Month ROI 3 Months Profit 3 Months ROI 6 Months Profit 6 Months ROI 1 Year Profit 1 Year ROI
1 Student
5 Students
10 Students
15 Students
20 Students