Why Choose Start Teaching Guitar?

Making Success a Reality

Start Teaching Guitar has been rocking since its inception in 2011. The company combines guitar-teaching techniques with small business best-practices to help teachers find success.

Teaching lessons can be a perfect solution for many guitar players, as it can be quite lucrative and fulfilling. Start Teaching Guitar provides a blend of effective teaching and thinking for aspiring and existing teachers.

“With the right guidance and resources, almost anyone with a basic set of knowledge and skills can be successful!” said company founder Donnie Schexnayder.

Look around, and you’ll find any number of guitar teachers. But it takes someone who’s not only skilled with guitar playing but who also understands how to teach and how to run a business to get the best results from their students.

Start Teaching Guitar empowers people to succeed by providing tools to help in all critical areas of a guitar teaching business.

“I place a huge focus on empowering people to succeed,” Schexnayder said. “I’m all about making life better for guitar teachers and helping them grow into a whole new level of professionalism and success.”

The company offers more than just information. They offer encouragement, support and assistance, tools and opportunities to help teachers implement strategies and take action, get and stay motivated, be held accountable, and grow their businesses.

Since the company’s inception, Start Teaching Guitar has been able to help thousands of teachers and would-be teachers from around the world.

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