Free eBook: Teaching Guitar The SMART Way


I just wrote a new eBook called “Teaching Guitar the SMART Way”, and I’d like to give you a free copy.

I’m Donnie Schexnayder…I’m a musician, a guitar teacher and a small business coach.

I started this website back in May of 2011 as a way to help new guitar teachers get started with their own teaching businesses. I’ve gotten questions from guitar teachers all over the world, and many of them asked some of the SAME THINGS again and again…questions like:

I’ve never taught guitar lessons before…how do I get started?

How do I attract new guitar students?

How do I keep them motivated to practice?

How do make enough money to quit my day job and do music full time?

My goal is to provide some good answers to those questions through my website, through my podcast and through this free eBook.

What’s in the eBook?

I took some of the answers to the questions listed above and put them together in a concise, easy to read format. “Teaching Guitar the SMART Way” is full of valuable information you can use to get started teaching TODAY, including:

  • Why teaching guitar is the BEST business you can start as a musician…hands down!

  • How to overcome many of the common pitfalls a lot of new guitar teachers run into

  • A step-by-step checklist for starting your guitar teaching business off right

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Don’t worry…your privacy is safe with me!

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