Guitar Moose Review + Free Giveaway


Dealing with PICKS can be one of the more frustrating aspects of being a guitar player…they’re always slipping out of your fingers, falling into the sound hole (if you play acoustic guitars) and generally getting lost. You never seem to have one around when you need it.

I recently stumbled onto Guitar Moose…a company that makes handcrafted guitar picks with a great solution for dealing with the whole “slipping, dropping and losing” problem. I’ll do a brief review of their products in this article PLUS give you a chance to win a FREE SAMPLE PACK of products from Guitar Moose.

Guitar Moose Product Review

Guitar Moose is based out of Minnesota and they’ve been in business since 2009. They make three primary products:

1) Stickygrip Guitar Picks

These are hand-made picks available in various thicknesses, but the cool thing about them is that they have a special “sticky pad” on each side of the grip area. This allows the picks to stick not only to your fingers, but also to your guitar body or anything else you stick them to. It’s an elegant solution to a common problem that doesn’t require fancy pick holders or any other equipment…you just stick it and it stays put.

2) Softgrip Guitar Picks

The Softgrip picks are designed to be more comfortable to hold, and to enable you to practice and play for longer periods of time. These picks aren’t sticky, but they feel really comfortable between your fingers, and they help decrease arm and hand fatigue. These might work well for your guitar students, and also for yourself when you teach back-to-back lessons all day.

3) Stickydots

Stickydots are actually really cool! They took the same “sticky pad” material used to make the Stickygrip picks I mentioned above and cut them into small circles you can stick anywhere. This is a great way to secure your traditional picks if you’d prefer not to switch to a new brand. Each package comes with 3 Stickydots and they’re available in various colors to match whatever you want to stick them to.

I really like these picks…especially the Stickygrips. And the prices are affordable…you can pick up a “Player’s Pack” from Guitar Moose for only $20.00 and try them out to see if you like them or not. I’m sure you will!

Free Giveaway

I recently hooked up with Alex from Guitar Moose on Twitter, and we started talking about stuff. He sent me a package of his products to check out, which included the following:

  • (5) packs of Stickydots (yellow, white, orange, pink and green)
  • (3) Softgrip picks (0.50mm, 0.65mm and 0.80mm)
  • (4) Stickygrip picks (0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.80mm and 1.0mm)
  • (1) Stickygrip “Pro Series” pick

The total retail value of this sample pack is over $20.00 USD, and I’m giving it away to one lucky person of my own choosing on THURSDAY DECEMBER 29, 2011.

Here’s how to enter this contest to win the Guitar Moose sample pack:

1) Click here to check out the Guitar Moose website and see all the cool things Alex has to offer

2) Leave a comment at the bottom of  this article (below where it says “Leave a reply”)…in the comment, just tell me how using products from Guitar Moose would help you, and what you would do with them if you win.

That’s all there is to it. Good luck…and keep on picking!

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