It’s All About Results


Start Teaching GuitarThis is the ultimate test of whether or not you’re doing your job as a teacher: are your students GETTING RESULTS?

This is true for teachers of EVERY subject…not just for guitar.

Always remember this: your students aren’t paying your for your TIME. They aren’t paying you for INFORMATION about the guitar, either…they can get all the free information they want on the Internet, right? They are paying you for RESULTS!

Here’s a 3-step formula for helping your students get results:

1) Make sure they are learning the right concepts, at the right time and in the right order
2) Protect them from too much frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed
3) Help them reach THEIR musical goals

Some guitar teachers will string their students along for months without helping them make progress toward their goals. Don’t make that mistake…instead, help your students get the results they’re paying you for.

What are some other ways you could help your students get better results? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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