What is Group Guitar Launch Formula?


Group Guitar Launch Formula is a training course that specializes in helping you make more MONEY, have more free TIME and get more SECURITY as a guitar teacher by teaching your guitar students in GROUPS. It also covers the fundamentals of MARKETING and helps you think about your teaching business in a whole new way. Here are a few testimonials from some current GGLF owners:

“I would recommend Group Guitar Launch Formula for anyone who wants to corner the market on being the finest studio in town. I guarantee you no one is taking guitar lessons this seriously in your city as you would if you completed this course.  Tired of running in circles? Be the best. Here’s how.” – Tim Woosley (Lincoln, Nebraska – USA)

“Group Guitar Launch Formula is an incredible program! It’s opened my eyes to a whole new method of marketing that can be used for far more than just attracting students to group classes. It’s well worth the investment.” – Jeff Williams (Boston, Massachusetts – USA)

I have a series of free training videos that explain how teaching your students in groups can change your life forever. Click here to sign up and check them out.

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