STG 059 : The 80/20 Principle of Teaching Guitar

The Start Teaching Guitar PodcastThe 80/20 principle applies to many aspects of teaching guitar lessons, and it can really help you be more successful as a teacher, as a musician and in your life. By focusing on the 20% of your efforts that bring you 80% of your results, you can maximize the level of success you see in your business, eliminate a lot of wasted time and effort and get where you want to go as a guitar teacher faster and easier.

In this episode I’ll explain exactly what the 80/20 principle is and what it can do for your teaching business. I’ll give you dozens of specific examples of how the principle applies to your business, to your students and to your life…and I’ll talk about 4 or 5 specific areas of teaching guitar that can benefit from the 80/20 principle and how to use it to make the most of those areas. Increased productivity, better time management and better results can be yours by understanding and acting on this one simple principle of success.

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Items Mentioned In This Episode:

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