STG 103 : Why Learning The Guitar Is So Difficult


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I think guitar teachers sometimes have a tendency to forget where we came from. Whenever we teach absolute beginners how to play guitar, we tend to look at things through the lens of where we are TODAY as a player and we don’t always see things from the perspective of someone who has never picked up a guitar before in their lives. As a result, we can actually make things HARDER on them and put up obstacles that make it more difficult for these beginners to succeed…but all it takes is a little bit of awareness and empathy to get them hooked on the guitar and help them make the switch from just being a BEGINNER into actually being a GUITARIST.

In this episode I’ll explain some of the difficult parts of the journey for a beginning guitarist, along with some ways you can help to make the process a little easier for them so they don’t get discouraged and quit so often. If you become the teacher who’s an expert at navigating the waters of novice guitar playing for people, you’ll have a huge pool of potential students to draw from. This has obvious benefits for your income and your student retention, but it also makes the world a better place by adding more people to it who love and play the guitar.

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