STG 113: How Emotions Influence New Student Acquisition


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It’s a very familiar story: a potential new student comes along through your website or some other form of advertising, they read all about the cool features of your studio and they seem to be getting close to signing up for guitar lessons…but then they decide against it. Maybe they even sign up with one of your competitors. What they heck just happened? If this situation sounds all-too-familiar to you, chances are you’ve probably fallen into the common trap of not understanding the role EMOTION plays when a person is deciding whether or not to spend money.

In this episode I’ll explain the reasons why most potential guitar students make their purchasing decisions based on emotion, instead of logic. If you can understand what’s really motivating a potential student, you can make sure you connect with them at that emotional level and provide what they’re looking for. Instead of just offering more information (appealing to LOGIC), you can give them a better feeling about lessons (appeal to their EMOTIONS) and you’ll generally have a better chance of getting them to sign up. I’ll give you all the details in this week’s episode!

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