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Rocksmith – A Guitar Teacher’s Perspective


 I’m sure you’ve heard about Rocksmith by now…it’s a new guitar-based video game similar to Guitar Hero and Rock Band, except for one important difference: you play it using a REAL GUITAR! Those other “guitar-based” games were all basically just “guitar karaoke”…they helped you develop rhythm and timing a little bit, but those toy guitars […]

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8-Year Old Guitar Teacher

8-Year-Old Guitar Teacher!


  I thought you might like this photo…it’s my 8-year old son, Ian, teaching one of the neighborhood kids how to play “Smoke On The Water”. Ian’s only been playing for a few months now, and he’s still very much a beginner, but here he is teaching his first guitar lesson. This just goes to […]

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Start Teaching Guitar

How To Teach Absolute Beginners


 When you’re working with someone who is brand new to the guitar, it’s important to help them get some results pretty quickly. Lots of beginners will quit because they think it’s too hard, unless you help them find some small “wins” along the way early on in the process. (more…)

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