Teach Guitar Better And Grow Your Music School

teach guitarFinally! You can teach guitar better and take your music school to the next level

Want to help your staff instructors teach guitar lessons more effectively? Ready to attract more new students, reduce the number of students who quit, and start growing your music school into something even more profitable and successful?

Welcome to Start Teaching Guitar, the premier resource website and podcast for guitar teachers! You came to the right place if you’re looking for:

  • Step-by-step instructions about ways to teach guitar better and get your students better RESULTS
  • Guidance about MARKETING your music school and attracting more new students
  • Help with STUDENT RETENTION so you can stop the bleeding and keep more of the new students you attract
  • Resources to help you eliminate many of the HEADACHES and RISKS most music school owners experience

I work with music schools all over the world to help them be more successful, and I can help you with your business, too. The resources at Start Teaching Guitar can help you run your school better and empower every teacher who works for you to teach guitar lessons better, too!

What are your GOALS for your business? Need to make more money than you’re currently bringing in? Need to recruit better quality teachers? Want to grow things to an even bigger level? I can help you make it happen.

Getting started is easy

I have a bunch of FREE RESOURCES available on the site to help you get started. Here’s what you should do first:

Step 1: Download my FREE EBOOK “Teaching Guitar The Smart Way”

A good place to start is making sure you have all the BASICS covered. My eBook can help you fill in any gaps in how you’re marketing your business and in how your teachers are delivering their lessons so you can continue from here with a solid foundation. I really SHOULD be selling this for $24 because it’s a great beginner’s guide to help someone teach guitar lessons. It covers some key stuff you will definitely want to know, including:

  • 9 reasons why TEACHING GUITAR LESSONS can be the BEST career decision you’ll ever make
  • Step-by-step instructions on the BASICS of setting up your guitar teaching business
  • Links to a FREE guitar lesson curriculum you can use to teach guitar RIGHT AWAY
  • Info on how to overcome many of the HANGUPS people run into when they try to teach guitar lessons

Click the button below and fill out the form…I’ll send you your own free copy of my eBook right away!






Step 2: Check out these FREE PODCAST EPISODES

I have TONS of podcast episodes covering many different aspects of teaching guitar, but these are the episodes you should check out FIRST if you’re operating a music school with other teachers working for you (feel free to share some of them with your staff teachers):

Step 3: Check out my free Group Guitar Class Training Videos

If you have other teachers working for you, but you aren’t doing group guitar classes yet, you’re leaving money on the table. Teaching your students in groups is a great way to leverage the time of your staff guitar teachers, allow them to teach more students and generate more revenue for your music school. This series of free videos will explain how to grow your teaching studio to a whole new level through teaching group classes. Just click here and then enter your name and email to get access to the free training videos.

Step 4: Check out my free Retention Rate and Attrition Rate Calculators

Before you can can get to the next level, you have to identify where you currently are AND you need a way to measure your progress. I put together these simple web-based calculators to show you how well you’re doing with keeping your existing students from quitting. Gather some statistics from your staff teachers and try them out…it’s easy!

My Retention Rate Calculator will give you a snapshot of your effectiveness as a music school in the form of a percentage. The higher your percentage, the better you’re doing!

Your students are the life-blood of your business. My Attrition Rate Calculator tells you the percentage that your music school is bleeding to death. The lower your percentage, the more healthy your business is.

Step 5: Join the free STG Facebook Group (Public Guitar Teacher Forum)

I also put together a free Facebook community for guitar teachers called the STG “Public Guitar Teacher Forum”. It’s a great place to ask questions, build relationships with other guitar teachers and learn more about how to be more successful as a teacher. Just click here to join the group and we’ll get you added within a few hours. NOTE – you’ll need to have a Facebook account to join (creating one is easy). Once you join, post your biggest, most urgent question about improving your music school there…some of the group members will do their best to answer it for you.

You can do this!

Even if you’ve been operating your school for years, but have never been able to reach the level of success you’ve always wanted…you can totally do this! I’m here to help you succeed. What are you waiting for? Click one of the links above to jump in and get started right away!

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