Do you still teach guitar lessons?


 Yes! I still teach guitar lessons, primarily over Skype. If you’re looking for some help with your guitar skills, check out my teaching website for more information.

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What is the email list training course?


 Using an email list that provides “autoresponder” functionality is one of the best ways to reach out to potential students 24×7…while you sleep. If you have a website, but no email list, then you are missing out on new students. Your list lets you nurture people who are interested in lessons and give them all the information […]

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What is your “email autoresponder series” all about?


 If you don’t know what an autoresponder is, you should check out my Email List Training Course to learn how to use one effectively. If you already understand a little bit about email marketing, then you know that the most time-consuming part of getting it set up is writing the autoresponder messages. I originally put together this […]

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What is Group Guitar Launch Formula?


 Group Guitar Launch Formula is a training course that specializes in helping you make more MONEY, have more free TIME and get more SECURITY as a guitar teacher by teaching your guitar students in GROUPS. It also covers the fundamentals of MARKETING and helps you think about your teaching business in a whole new way. […]

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What is STG All-Access?


 STG All-Access is the only way to experience everything Start Teaching Guitar has to offer you as a guitar teacher. There are three different levels of membership, each containing different features and benefits to help you succeed with your teaching business: Silver Level Premium, ad-free podcast episodes every single week Access to a mindmap file […]

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Do you offer physical training products or online only?


 All of the training products available from Start Teaching Guitar are online resources. I don’t currently offer print or physical versions of the training products (books, DVDs, etc.).

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Is the podcast available in iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast directories?


 Yes! Here are links to the podcast on some of the most popular “podcatchers” & directories: iTunes Stitcher PodFeed PlayerFM

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How do I subscribe to the podcast using RSS?


 First, you need an RSS feed reader. Some good ones to check out include Feedly, Bloglines and Netvibes. Next, you need to add the STG feed to your reader. I have two public RSS feeds you can use to get automatic updates anytime I publish new content: Click here to subscribe to EVERYTHING via RSS (podcast episodes, blog posts, announcements, […]

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Why can I only listen to certain podcast episodes for free?


 The real benefits of Start Teaching Guitar come with an STG All-Access membership. Every podcast episode I record is produced with STG All-Access members in mind, and most of the episodes are premium members-only content. I do provide a “free edition” of selected episodes to give you a taste of what you can get every […]

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Where are the first 25 podcast episodes?


 The first 25 episodes of the Start Teaching Guitar Podcast have been archived and are available for STG All-Access members only. They contain tons of great information, including: How To Attract New Guitar Students Designing Lesson Policies That Work What Your Students Want You To Know (But Are Afraid To Tell You) Guitar Teacher’s Job […]

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